Playing poker can be transformed into a full-time job. and as crazy as it sounds, there are a considerable number of individuals making money from doing so. Poker is a skill game to a certain extent, not quite as much as a game of chess but it certainly needs a significant amount of understanding. Most of the expert poker players today started by playing online poker games. This enables the player to experience all kinds of situations and gives them the ability to read the strategies of other gamers. Professional poker is indeed a unique occupation, with negligible industry standards on the income range.

The four-factor theory that influences the range of income as a professional poker player

  1. the type of poker game: there is a huge difference in the criteria of online cash pros, live cash pros and live tournaments. Live tournaments are a bit notorious because they have a problem of inconsistent payouts. Online tournaments, on the other hand, are consistent and this is because of the sheer number of players involves.
  2. stakes that get played: the bigger the play, the bigger is the potential. Online casinos payout in millions to their top gamers. But yes, the range of poker is vast and needs a considerable grind to reach the top.
  3. skillset and level: every range of skill level have their stakeout. Just like for mid-level players, the stakes can be acquired by a common strategy called the multi-tabling.
  4. accessibility: the best games of poker on reputable platforms is just for everybody. There are rules deregulation in every location that needs to be considered.

Playing online poker on Indonesian gaming websites

Poker is a game of skills. Websites like joker138host all the popular variants of poker along with other domino games. every financial transaction made on this website is a 100% secure and confidential event. The website offers a safe and genuine gaming experience to its users. It is highly recommended if you are an expert a poker. Because there is nothing wrong with making money from the activity you enjoy the most!

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