Online Poker Game – Anywhere At Any Time With Link Alternatif Joker123

Online Poker Game – Anywhere At Any Time With Link Alternatif Joker123

It is a very old tradition of playing poker at large gatherings mostly in casinos or a large family on some unavoidable occasions with keeping money as the medium. The person who wins gets the whole money. Sounds exciting right? This has been continued and played everywhere, even when there are two people available to play. Slowly, as the technology started to come into the picture, the same game in the name of the Online Poker Game is being added to the newly invented computers.

People even started playing in that and started having fun of the game. With the advent of more interacting technology, many inventions were made and finally came up with a very excellent invention that is the Smartphone. Currently, there is nearly 50 prominent link alternatif joker123 sites where we can play this game and many are to up come as there is a rapid growth in this industry.

Initially, the dealer gives four cards face-down to each player. Every game has certain steps to be followed like

  • Blinds:

The players will beasked to bet even before the game starts are called blinds. Blinds are two in number. They are 1. Big Blind – Minimum of the bet

  1. Small Blind – Half of the minimum bet

The blinds are generally present to the left of the dealer. Dealers may be a player or non-player, but in an online game,the dealer is represented by a button. The player to the left of the dealer/button is the small blind and the player next to the small bind or two left to the dealer/button is the big blind.

  • Sitting Down:

When your name is being entered on the list to play the game, the players will be asked, how many coins do they want to buy? And then the seat will be allotted accordingly. You sit down and stack your chips in the assigned place. Each player is supposed to decide if you want hand right away or wait until you big blind.


This link alternatif joker123 based game is played by everyone starting from teenagers to adults. There is growth in this field and it has many more years to go like this. But, in countries like the USA, some of these sites are being banned as it is being misused by some unethical people for gambling. It is fun playing and it is advised to play unless and until it goes beyond the limits.

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